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  • 5 Benefits Of Retirement Plan

    By cooldude | August 7, 2014

    Retirement PlanAre you about your retire from your workplace after a couple of years? Well, retirement is a major and life changing event in the life of a salaried person and though no salaried person can really avoid retirement, what they can do is plan their retirement carefully in order to ensure that their life post retirement is smooth and hassle free. After retirement you will experience changes financially and also in your lifestyle. To be armed with a comfortable retirement plan, you will need extensive planning along with several years of persistence. It might be difficult to plan out your retirement carefully but having a good retirement plan comes with its own set of benefits.

    One of the biggest benefits of retirement planning is you will have a secured flow of cash every month even after you retire and this will give you a lot of confidence. Planning for your life after the job is of extreme importance in this time of age; today most people are hopping from one job to another and this means that there are millions of employees who do not get the end of term benefits as the end of term benefits handed out by the employers can be availed by employees who have completed a stipulated number of years of service with a certain employer.

    Another benefit of retirement planning is when you make monthly savings and start making early investments, you actually shield yourself from the possibility of going bankrupt in the future. There is no deny the fact that in today’s world money goes a long way in determining and defining the status of a person and when you have a good retirement plan in place you ensure that you maintain your status even after you have completed your job life and work no longer.

    Planning for retirement from the early phase of your career means that you have a very clear idea about the amount that you are likely to require to live comfortably after your retirement. This will also help you to plan your financial and personal life post retirement. There are several aspects that will have to be taken into consideration when you are on the verge of retirement; having a proper retirement plan will enable you to take care of most of these aspects.

    A key benefit of having a retirement plan in place is you will not have to depend on your children financially once you stop earning. Planning for your retirement ahead will mean that you will be able to lead the kind of life you had always dreamt of. It will allow you to relish the life of pleasure which you could not enjoy in your younger days because you are busy working.

    Outlining and following a sound retirement plan will also mean that even after you stop working actively, you are abiding by the financial do’s and don’ts that you learned in your hay days. The confidence of having your own money that allows you to lead the life you want to lead is unparalleled.

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    Top 3 Currencies To Hold From Investment Perspective

    By cooldude | April 29, 2014

    Currencies InvestmentDo you want to know the best currencies to have a profitable trade experience in the money market? Well, there could thousands of currencies with which people solve their business dealings across the world, but all of them are not equally gainful. But if you want to ensure minimum loss and maximum gain in the trade market, then you should get a decent idea about the best currencies to be invested in the trade and commerce.

    Liquidity and volume of every currency is different from one another. If you follow these two factors then you will see that every currency is giving different results when invested in the money market. Swiss Franc, Euro, Pound, the Japanese Yen, USD are some of the mostly used currencies in the world. You should choose your currency on the basis of the trade pattern that you follow. For the short time trader the currencies to be invested are different compared to the currencies used for day time trader or long term traders.

    Canadian dollar: This currency may seem very attractive for a large of number of investors, but in reality you should only consider to invest in Canadian dollar if you are working as a short tem investor, this currency offers less liquidity and therefore less scope for gaining profits. Rather you might get yourself locked in other monetary complications. Similar is the case with the Australian dollar.

    English pound: If you want to invest for a short term period, that too selectively, then easily bank on the British pound, because this currency is excellent for short term traders or investors. With thinner volume than the Japanese yen, you can make use of the British pound with its great open and low interest rates. This currency also helps you get some extra profits in the short span invest.

    Japanese yen: If you are looking for the ideal currency to be invested for the long term investing period, then nothing can work out better than the Japanese yen currency. Long term investors always bank of this currency not only to get profits in time but also to safeguard their investments. Another important feature of this currency is that the Japanese yen can give you high interest rates in the open market. Like the Euro you can take the advantage of this currency as a loyal investor.

    But among all these Euro and Yen are the mostly used currencies by the investors globally. These currencies involve less risk.

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    Benefits of hiring a professional tax service

    By cooldude | March 3, 2014

    professional tax serviceDo you own a business of your own and feeling clueless about keeping your tax details up to date? As a business owner, there are quite a number of facets that needs to be catered to and an added chore of having to deal with your tax issues can sure be stressful. Hence, if you are trying to make your life comparatively hassle free, going for a professional taxation service can sure be helpful, as now you can give your undivided attention to your day today business functions. There are quite a number of good taxation services who can help you with preparing for and filing you tax returns smoothly. Read on to get a better idea on how a professional taxation service provider can assist you.

    First thing first, they are qualified professionals, dealing in such services from a very long time. So it is expected that they know a thing or two about taxation. Hence you can absolutely let go of all your worries and queries pertaining to filing your taxes. Most taxation agencies off late have a 24×7 customer service portal wherein they communicate promptly to any of your queries relating to tax and IRS dues. All you need to do is provide them the right documents needed for taxation, such as you company balance sheets, profit statements etc and them sit back and concentrate on your business operation.

    Next, if you want to save on unnecessary penalties and fines, these professional service providers can be entrusted on. If you think of filing your taxes along with dealing with intricate business issues, you are bound to make mistakes, for which you have to pay fines unnecessarily. With professional taxation advice on anything and everything pertaining to IRS, steering clear of any penalties is practically a piece of cake.

    Next, maintaining an in-house department dealing in taxation might get expensive. If you don’t want to incur in a recurring expense such as this, the best option is to hire an external agency, that will do the job must cost effectively. This will lower your operating costs, maximizing your efficiency, thus hiking your return on investment.

    As a business owner you should be spending your valuable time dealing with customer issues and making your products and services better and definitely not stressing over issues such as taxation. Thus leave the job to a professional and enjoy a stress free day at work.

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    Commercial mortgage funding

    By cooldude | February 27, 2014

    Commercial mortgage fundingCommercial mortgage funding is all about finding the correct financial sources with those kind of projects which are compatible with the debt or equity consummate to the deal. The equity in this case would represent the cash infusion which comes from joint ventures, partners or any other source. It is basically a necessary funding and not any loan. The equity contributors would then become co owners in the project for which the money is required. Suppose you want to build an office for business purpose but you do not have the financial capability and you did not get a loan from the bank as well. You your friend or any equity contributor whether they would like to invest in the project or not. They agree to and the agreement is done. The contributors will be able to participate in the ups and downs of the project and they would have the direct to take decisions as well depending on the agreement. When the venture is complete the contributors will get there share as mentioned in the agreement. Unlike loans from the bank the terms and conditions of commercial mortgages are simple enough for people to understand. Some of the sources of commercial mortgage funding are as follows:

    • Mortgage brokers
    • Mortgage bankers
    • Credit unions
    • Foreign lenders
    • Private lenders
    • Pension and retirement programs
    • Life Insurance companies
    • Savings associations and thrifts
    • Mutual savings bank
    • Commercial bank

    Loan to Value is one of the prime factors of financing and this can be achieved through easy debts. The borrower would have to provide with a down payment in order to qualify for the funding. He will then appease the lender of the money with personal funds and also fulfill the underwriting requirements. Mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers are generally the intermediaries who participate in the borrowing and lending and they form a bridge between the source of the mortgage fund and the person who requires the fund. They act as the correspondence and are responsible for the involvement in loan origination. When the work is done they get a placement fee for the services provided. Since commercial mortgage funding required huge sum of money it is not possible to get contributors at a short period of notice. That is the time when the mortgage brokers and the mortgage bankers come into play as their lender relationships and industry knowledge is paramount.

    Commercial mortgage funding involves the help of equity contributors and they are not similar to the normal bank loans.

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    Quantitative Easing

    By cooldude | February 4, 2014

    Quantitative easingQuantitative Easing or QE is a fiscal remedy taken by the central banks for stimulating the national economy in situations where usual monetary policy gets ineffective. The most fundamental philosophy behind this monetary policy is to forward more liquidity to economy to prompt growth & spending- through using “newly printed” money. Central banks execute QE by purchasing some financial assets through commercial & other private organizations. It is different from a central bank’s common policy of selling or buying short-termed government bonds to ensure interbank rate of interest stays at a definite target value.

    Central banks buy the short-termed government bonds for lowering short-term market rate of interest. But if the short-term rate of interest is about to reach or has reached zero, this method (expansionary monetary-policy) won’t work. This is when the central bank needs to count on QE to stimulate economy by buying longer maturity assets to lower long-term rate of interest. The process raises prices of financial assets purchased that reduces their yield.

    The philosophy of QE was initially used by BOJ (Bank of Japan) in early 2000s when it was trying to battle domestic inflation. Quantitative Easing was nothing less than a blessing for BOJ as it helped the bank to enhance commercial bank account balance figure from 5 trillion ¥ to 35 trillion ¥ within 4 years, since March 2001. QE also assisted BOJ to triple amount of the long-term Nippon government bonds which it could buy on monthly basis.

    As per IMF, the system of QE undertaken by central banks from developed nations since late 2000s, have hugely contributed to reduce systemic threats following Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. IMF is also of the opinion that Quantitative Easing has helped to enhance market confidence & bottoming of recession in G7 economies since mid quarter of 2009.

    The policy of QE was much in use by US, UK & the Eurozone during the rise of international financial crisis in 2007-08 (in US) & in 2007 to 2012 (in Europe).

    A leading economist is of the view that QE has helped in spiking up stock market around the mid quarter of 2010. This in turn has resulted in enhanced consumption & a solid performance of American economy in the final session of 2010.

    However, some of the leading economists have even pointed out the risks of Quantitative Easing. According to them QE can lead to unpredictability. As increase in the bank reserves might not immediately enhance money supply when kept like excess reserves, increased reserves lead to inflation risks – if reserves are being loaned out.

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    Guarantor Loans

    By cooldude | December 31, 2013

    Guarantor LoansWhat are guarantor loans? A guarantor loan can be defined as an unsecured loan which is generally repayable within a short span. The loan would be only extended to the borrower if he’s backed by some 3rd party who assures the lender to repay in case the borrower is unable to fill the due on time. The guarantor loans are getting increasingly popular in the global financial market these days and here is a brief on these type of loans.

    To start with, the guarantor loans are the short-term loans that generally come within 3,000 to 7,500 pounds & are usually repayable within a span of 5 years. Yes, the interest rates are higher here in comparison to traditional loan structure but these loans won’t deny you for bad credit which is usual with the conventional loans.
    Now, who would be eligible for guarantor loans? Guarantor loans are best suited for those with poor or zero credit history. It’s generally viable to seek for a much higher sum when you are going for a guarantor advance than other forms of loans. In fact, the financial experts often dub the guarantor advances as a smart way to rebuild credit histories through the portrayal of a responsible borrower who paid back on time.

    If you are planning to apply for the guarantor loan, you have to fulfill some basic criteria. The borrower here has to be minimum 18 years with a valid bank account at any UK bank. The bank account is needed to transfer the loan and collect the repayment by the borrower. It’s interesting to note here that the actual loan borrower won’t be judged by the lender here-but it’s the guarantor who would be under the screening. The guarantor should be minimum 21 years of age, have his own home in UK & must maintain a solid credit record.

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    What’s private equity?

    By cooldude | December 28, 2013

    private equityIn operating companies which are not publicised and traded public on stock exchange, private equities are asset classes which comprises of debt and equity securities. In most cases private equity funds are responsible for making private equity investments to provide a working capital for nurturing the business. It is usually made by people or companies who have their own investment strategies, set of preferences and goals to take the company forward. Mostly the investment is done by a venture capital, angel broker or private equity firm to invest in a company which is not performing so well to build it better for greater profits in the future.

    The company which is not doing well is brought by these agents and private equity companies and then is sold in the market once it starts getting profits. It is seen as a very fruitful and good thing to do by the UK government as it makes weaker companies more susceptible to market fluctuations, s batter managing staff is made available it gives employment to people and sustainability to the ones who have already been working here. It is believed that over 30 million companied have invested around 80 million pounds on private equity market.

    However some people are really not happy with the situations and advantages private equity owners have. They are required to pay only 10% tax. This is because the government wants to improve and make bigger the private equity investments. However sometimes these investors (who are obviously very rich) end up paying a tax amount which is lesser than the cleaning staffs that cleans the office every day. The private equity business investments are being going on from 1980’s however during the years 2005 to 2007 when big companies like ‘sunGard’, ‘metro Goldwyn Mayer’ and ‘the hertz corporation’ were included in the major buyouts.

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    Most unusual investment options

    By cooldude | December 24, 2013

    unusual investment optionsThe market is undergoing extreme monetary conditions; on the one hand there are people who are inexplicably rich with a load of financial backup and on the other hand are people dying of poverty and hunger. Rich people are always thinking about ways to invest their money, here are a few ‘different’ ways on how the money can be spent fruitfully.

    Sports memorabilia: buying a sports memorabilia of a rising superstar is one thing you can consider. Investment can be done on such a sportsperson who has not really reached the peak of success in his career yet but is on the rise. Care should be taken that these memorabilia should be protected against damage and stored in a safe or a locker. Your collection should depend on the sports category you are interested in; in case of Cricket something from Sachin Tendulkar would be very comforting and interesting. Passion should be there about your collection and the collection should consist of rare items rather than something seen regularly.

    Coins: a coin collection too is an investment not many people have heard of. You can start from the ABC or you can go out there and buy the readymade collections from a regular collector. One thing to remember is that if you are starting from scratch and go out there to buy the coins, don’t buy the cheap ones as they are not likely to appreciate over time too. Also, specialising in the area of the coins is important for example, 19th century Indian coins.
    Comic books: this is something very unusual because at one time these books were printed in large numbers and often exchanged between teenage and younger boys amongst themselves. However with the advent of technology these comic books now have reached the point of extinction. Owning one can make you a millionaire.

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    Where can you invest your retirement money?

    By cooldude | December 4, 2013

    retirement money investmentThe fundamental scheme of retirement preparation is to sketch for a lower risk of profits to meet the daily expenses after your retirement and to have a peaceful life after your usual income has come to an end. It may be difficult to maintain the same standard of living if you have failed to invest properly during your functioning life.
    Some of the best options are given below;-

    Senior citizens savings scheme- this format was introduced by the government especially for the retired persons. The post office, state bank of India, and other nationalized banks provide this plan for senior people (60 years or above.) You can invest minimum 1000 to 150000 for a fixed term of 5 years, rate of interest being calculated quarterly 9.2%.

    Post office monthly income scheme- this is a monthly income method to ensure a guaranteed monthly income launched by India post. You can deposit minimum 1500 to maximum of 450000 being interest received 8.4% per annum. If you want to hold joint account you can deposit 900000 and hence on the completion of the maturity period you will receive a bonus maturity interest of 5% of the deposited amount.

    Post office time deposit account- India post also offers time deposit plan unlike other banks. The minimum amount here you can deposit Rs.200 and maximum no limit. The time of this account can be from 1 to 5 years and the rate of interest also varies from year to year.

    Bank fixed deposit- this proposal is the right option for you to maintain your standard of living after your retirement. The rate of interest ranges between 4%-11% generally but for senior citizen an extra of 0.5% – 1% is given on their deposited amount. This scheme is provide by both banks and companies both. Rate of interest given by the companies varies from 4%-15%.banks remain in the safe side.

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    MBA- A good career option to invest in!

    By cooldude | November 25, 2013

    MBA courseAn MBA is familiar at most of the colleges and institution as a qualified and scholarly degree. From new undergraduate to IT experts from investment bankers to accountants to entrepreneurs’ people from array of backgrounds and from different stages in their careers are opting to chase an MBA level. The reasons to get an MBA certificate are as diverse as different kinds of citizens who want the grade.

    The MBA course includes a huge variety of fundamental topics like marketing, management, public relations, human resource, financing, accountancy, law, communication and many more. The multiplicity of the prospectus allows MBA alumnae to pertain the skills and knowledge to every industry in various capacities for example accountant’s administrators, managers, etc. In this current market there is a shortage of jobs and employers are flawed for choice in terms of fresher. Candidates with MBA qualification can have a certain frame in this competitive employment market by having advantage of their wide skills good set of knowledge and their ability to execute different functions in various professional capacities. While having course the candidate need to prepare business plan, work in group, and act as a team. All these will encourage logic of teamwork, leadership skills and also help a candidate to stand in a good position.

    Not only this degree helps to grow your employment but also helps to move a candidate up the business ladder. MBA qualifications are a requirement for advanced management positions. An MBA degree can also help a candidate to start up a new business which could permit them to move to a different field. MBA also helps a people to opt for different careers if they have obtained all the achievements in their current occupations.

    An MBA course from a well reputed institution can give a candidate certain reliability and opportunity to work in well named company. So we can say that doing MBA can help you to fulfill your aim and dreams of becoming a well recognized businessman.

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