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    Features Your Checking Account Must Have

    By InvestMe | July 24, 2015

    It’s very essential to have a checking account. Due to checking account, it becomes very easy to manage the finance. Having a checking account makes ease in writing checks and paying off the bills. All checking accounts are not similar. Checking accounts have their different qualities, features and drawbacks. It offers different services and facilities. If you are intending to open one here are some of the features you should look for in your checking account.

    Checking accounts offers facilitates to write checks and it should cost for free. Check out that this privilege of writing check is free without any charge. When you get the account agreement, make sure to read all the details and specification so that you don’t get hit by any extra and unexpected fine or fees to pay. Thus by reading carefully you get to know what you have to pay and for what things you don’t need to pay. There are very less financial institutions who don’t charge for checking. Most of the institutions have some of the basic charges with some conditions.

    Financial institutions earn money by your deposited money either by lending or investing them. Some of the institutions may cut you off in this course of action. There are some of the financial institution which gives you a return on your deposited amount. They offer this specifically if you keep a substantial cushion for some balance.

    When you are scarce of the funds and check into your account and takes up all and for that you had to pay up fine, it’s the most upsetting situation. The payment is for not maintaining up the minimum balance into your account. So if you don’t want to hot up by such expenses, keep a checking account which doesn’t need to maintain minimum balance in the account.

    People are very busy these days. They have an extremely hectic schedule. They don’t always have that time find a branch at the time of office hours. So it is more preferable to find and opt for a checking account which provides you with free online or mobile access so that you can do your banking work in the office itself without trouble of going to the branch of bank.

    You might not be aware that if you are not in the nearby in network cash machine and you use the ATM machine of some other company, you will charged with an fee for using other ATM. Sometimes you are even charged twice. So while choosing your checking account take care your checking accounts grants you a refund of this ATM fees.

    Each and every business is not such which uses checks. But usually debit cards and credit cards are accepted everywhere. So if you don’t prefer to use credit cards choose a checking account which offers you a free debit card to use.


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